New Midtown
Κάιρο Αίγυπτος

Το New Midtown βρίσκεται στο Κάιρο, σε απόσταση 1,1χλμ. από την πλατεία Ταχρίρ, και προσφέρει καταλύματα με κοινόχρηστο lounge, ιδιωτικό χώρο στάθμευσης, βεράντα και εστιατόριο. Το κατάλυμα απέχει περίπου 2,3χλμ. από το Τζαμί Al-Azhar, 2,4χλμ. από το Τζαμί El Hussien και 1,2χλμ. από το Αιγυπτιακό Μουσείο. Το κατάλυμα προσφέρει 24ωρη ρεσεψιόν, μεταφορά από/προς το αεροδρόμιο, κοινόχρηστη κουζίνα και δωρεάν Wi-Fi σε όλους τους χώρους. Με ιδιωτικό μπάνιο με μπιντέ και σεσουάρ μαλλιών, ορισμένες μονάδες στο hostel προσφέρουν επίσης θέα στην πόλη. Όλες οι μονάδες περιλαμβάνουν θυρίδα ασφαλείας. Η περιοχή είναι δημοφιλής για πεζοπορία και ποδηλασία, ενώ στο New Midtown παρέχεται υπηρεσία ενοικίασης ποδηλάτων. Ο Πύργος του Καΐρου απέχει 2,7χλμ. από το κατάλυμα, ενώ το Τζαμί του Ibn Tulun βρίσκεται 3,1χλμ. μακριά. Το πλησιέστερο αεροδρόμιο είναι το Διεθνές Αεροδρόμιο του Καΐρου, σε απόσταση 16χλμ. από το New Midtown.
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Διαμονή Κάιρο Αίγυπτος

Άνετα & μοντέρνα δωμάτια
The location was perfect, near Tahrir (around 10 min walking). The personnel was friendly, polite and helpful. Zeiad always answered on time at anything we needed. Thank you
The location of the hotel was very central, walking distance to shopping district and restaurants.The owner and staff of the hotel were very helpful and accomodating, from the time of booking the accom. Breakfast was delicious.Even though it's in the centre of the city, rooms were soundproof which allowed for a restful sleep.
The hostel it’s very good located , close to everything by a walking distance .We had a problem at the airport because our laggage was left in Belgrad and the manager Mahmoud was so kind and helpful that he was calling the airport constantly to ask about our laggage, he informed me constantly about what’s happening and also texted me when he got the laggage because we were not there .Mahmoud it’s a very nice and extremely patient with any question you might have, he’s available at any time willing to help .For the stuff I would give 5+ stars .
Mahmood was very kind and helpfulHe arranged the desert camping trip it was wonderful. The country is safe to travel. We 3 girls travelled through all egypt and it was safe and mahmood helped to arrange most of the transport. I recommend
Hotel located right in the middle of downtown Cairo, so we can enjoy the best of the night of local life, and also located in a walk distance from mc Donald’s. The first floor of the building is under remodeling, but you can go straight to the fifth floor. The room is super clean, ac works good, and a extra shout out for the staff, who is incredibly nice, specially the owner and Mrwan, who helped us with our crazy schedule and also with medication when we need it.
Staff, location and service was 10 out of 10. The owner of the hotel made an arrangement for us and the tour was really beautiful. Would recommend everyone to let Mahmoud book a tour for you because he hase fair prices and really good guides.The street was very quiet but the location was in central downtown so it was the the best of both worlds. Room was really clean and breakfast was excellent. Fresh mango, falafel and eggs were really nice.If i'll.go back to Caïro i'll make sure to stay here again and would recommend everyone to do so aswell. Don't hesitate about booking this place, just do it. Thank you for our wonderful stay.
Nice hotelI stayed at the hotel for 2 nights , during my stay I discovered a lot of things that make feel comfortable ( my home).In the beginning, when I made check in , I had been hosted well , it was a nice hospitality , made check in so fast.When I get inside the room , the room was spacious , big bed , beautiful terrace , wash room was so cool , blanket and sheets were very clean.There were also some of drinks inside the fridge inside the room ( not for free but with a good price) . I like it.In the second day : i had a unique breakfast that had been served by the girls there .The breakfast was so cool , like a jam , omelette, juice , cheese , yogurt...etc .By the day , we meet the manager Mahmoud that helped us a lot for making our stay so cool , he helped us to make a tour to Giza pyramids.Thank Alot Mahmoud. And I would like to thank the driver sherif and our tour guide tamer.And when you get out from the hotel , you can find everything is near to you restaurant , supermarket , cafe shop , the Egyptian museum , 10 minutes walking to the Nile .I would like Also to thank all the receptionists there .I really mean to mention all in the hotel , because they are a great staff , they are ready to help you at anytime.
The staff is very friendly and speak English. My husband wasn’t feeling good, and the staff provide a local medicine that helped him a lot! The Wi-Fi connection is perfect, and the location is really good, near to every thing we need.
Breakfast was very good and served every morning. The beds were comfortable and the rooms were very clean. The staff was super friendly and happy to accommodate any request.
When i was looking for a Hotel in Cairo, i was mainly looking for cheap places with a good location. I believe if you are going to visit a City like this, there are certain aspects that are not as important as other - such as how the building from the outside looks, if every corner of the room has been polished, how spacey the room is, and so on. You are going to stay here to sleep, and thats about it. You wont find a place similar to the Hilton, but definitely more than what you pay for.Why i eventually decided to book at this place, was because of several reviews on different websites, about the Manager "Mahmoud" being spoken of in the highest tones. And now, just a few hours after arriving back in my home country, I can say - noone of these reviews have promised too much. Minutes after booking his first text appeared on my phone. No matter if its 5pm or 3am, he would be there to help his guests in any way possible. A manager like him absolutely boosts a hotel like this onto a whole other level.